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Founded in 1996 

General information about the course

Who can benefit from studying online ? 

  • Those who want flexible classes available at  their free time
  • Those who cannot commute to the location of their school of choice
  • Those who do not have the resources to take time off work to study
  • Those who want to follow a course inspired by the "Bologna regulations for Higher Education" in Europe. 
  • Those who want a curriculum that includes both Ancient and Modern (TCM) Chinese Medicine (most schools teach only the modern version).
  • Those who are happy to attend their practical training at an end of the year retreat. Every module corresponds to 8 hours  retreat time. 

How can AOM help students to become  mindful practitioners, rather than just needle manipulators ?

AOM recognises that we are all 'wounded '  healers (K. Jung) and that maturing into mindful healers requires a lot more than just learning protocols and notions by heart. This is why  AOM makes sure that everything learnt has a transformative effect on the student. 

Description of the whole course

This is a 3-year and  400 hours long 'degree level 'course. Each year is made of 7 modules comprising :  a. Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture,  b. an intensive end-of-the-year retreat  of 15 days for practical training, c. training in Western Medical Studies. The 400 hours of clinical training follow the 3rd year.  The hours below  are class hours. The time students devote to studying is not given here, but it is normally calculated at a ratio of 1:2. 

Each week  in the semestre comprises: 5 hours  (45 minutes each) of Chinese Medicine,   2:30 hours  (45 min each) of Western Medical Studies and  3 hours webinar.  Four weeks  make one module. 

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 Module 2  "Chinese medicine and the discourse of resonance"    

Module 2 is the 2nd out of the 7 modules of the 1st year 'Foundation in Acupuncture'.   The total of hours for Chinese Medicine and Western Medical Sciences is of 31: 45 hours . To Module 2 are also added  8 hours  of  practical training within the  end of the year retreat, bringing the total hours to complete the module to 39 :45hours.  
Module 2 cannot be done independently.
Module 2 teaches the 'law of resonance', 'Taiji- yin yang',  the 'hetu '& 'luo shu'  maps, the '8 gua' needed to understand the  theory of human physiology.


 Save: €2.500!  As in 2019-2020 we  will be running a beta-release course,  the  entry fees  will be   €3.500,  instead € 6000 per year. These fees will be kept  for the whole length of the degree.  

How to enrol? 

A student enrols by paying the  enrolment fees  of €300  deducted from the annual fees, not later than the 10th of September 2019, 20 days before the starting date of the academic year.    

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Testimonials by former students

In the video: Kery Lymberis,  Anna Kypreu, Susy Alterio, Alexandros Sampanis and Andreas Grivas

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Vita Revelli
Vita Revelli
Teacher of Chinese Medicine, practitioner, author and international lecturer

About the Instructor

International teacher and lecturer of Chinese Medicine since 1988.

QualificationsLic.Ac.Five Elements Acupuncture - UK, BSc(Ac) - UK,   Post-Grad. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Gynaecology, - CHINA, BA(Hons) Chinese Language & Anthropology - UK. Public speaker at  congresses organised by international professional Associations.

I am a free spirit, a searcher and  someone devoted to the path of learning.  

I love life and because of this I teach ancient Chinese medicine, a medicine primarily concerned with supporting life, promoting alignment and healing through recreating resonance  of each individual with the whole . 

I have been teaching Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs, qigong, Chinese medicine nutrition) since 1989,  both in  European Schools of Chinese Medicine and as speaker at various professional congresses in Europe, the United States and China. I have been teaching in AOM, my school,  since the time I founded it in 1996.

I have written articles for prestigious professional magazines and have translated parts of ancient books from Chinese into English.

I am thrilled to share AOM online with a team of amazing, deeply humane, spiritual and superbly skilled people, who will be at my side as co-teachers.

Recommended readings - 1st year

1. 'Essentials of Acupuncture'  vol.2,  Z. Liu & L. Liu 

2. 'The Foundations of Chinese Medicine' (3rd edition), G. Maciocia

3. Huangdi Neijing -Sowen',  P. Unshuld

4. 'A manual of Acupuncture', P.Deadman, M. Al-Khafaji, K. Baker