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AOM is a company registered in the UK and operating internationally.

Chinese medicine 

The Chinese Medicine course runs over 3 (+) yearsand provides over 1.500 contact hours (including practice)

  • Fees: € 6,000  a year.  However, in 2019-20 we shall operate again a Beta Release to thank all the students who are already enrolled in the new first year.  This means that all students will have €2.500 discount and will only pay 3.500  per year, including the tuition for the retreat (but excluding 'Western Medial Studies', which are charged by a separate AOM-approved course provider). 

Students can pay in instalments as follows:  

  • €300  enrolment  fee ( at least 20 days before the start of  Year 1 - module 1,  and the reminder  € 3.200  in 10 equal instalments of € 320 monthly, before the next module is opened to them (1). 
  • No V.A.T. is charged for the year 2019-2020. 

Western Medical Studies

The 'Western Medical Studies' course runs  over 2 years and covers over 290 contact hours. It is provided by an external approved online school.

Fees: € 900 per year paybale in 10 monthly instalments of 90€ each.


(1) Besides the timely payment of  the monthly fee,  another pre-requisite for having access to  a module is the  completion of  the test of the previous module.

(2) On this page, all fees are stated in € as this is the currency we work with. As, however, the teaching platform  (Thinkific) uses  $ only, on the landing pages we can only write our fees in $, rather then in €. Please be aware of this when calculating the fees in your currency (i.e. convert directly from your currency to €). 

We are  sorry for the inconvenience.