Why Study Acupuncture?

  • Because it is a fulfilling caring occupation that allows you to give the best of yourself, whilst at the same time being your own boss and earning a good income

  • Because if provides a way to understand life from a totally new and revealing perspective that will broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding of how life, health and disease function, and develops your hidden caring potentials.

  • Because this specific 'Online Undergraduate (bachelor level) Course' provides an affordable and practical way to retrain. At the same time, it is structured in a way that allows you the time to continue your existing occupation and family commitments

  • Because Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have greatly contributed to helping sick people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Because you can effectively help your community by boosting people's immune system and increasing resistance to disease

Why study Chinese Medicine Online with us?

This AOM's Chinese Medicine Online Course satisfies the high standards set by the main world and European Professional Associations. Our mission is to prepare our students to understand thoroughly the medical corpus of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), by covering both ancient text based and modern approaches, with an emphasis on the prevention and treatment of disease. As we keep our classes deliberately small (not more than 10 -15 people per class), we train all our students almost on a one-to-one basis, giving great emphasis to case studies and clinical practice so that by the end of the course our students can start practicing with confidence.
Most European countries allow trained acupuncturists to practice. In most cases, and rightly so, the newly formed professional would have to apply to become a member of a local professional association and take an entry examination that ascertains his/her competence. Our Chinese Medicine online course is designed to make sure that all our students are able to pass it successfully. To find out about the legislation in your country, please check the following website https://www.etcma.org .

What's included in our Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Online Course?

  • Online Video Training

    The course includes more than 600 hours of recorded videos with Power Point presentation, to help you visualise the class content. After enrolling, all the videos will remain accessible for future consultation for the whole length of the course and one year after its end. This does not apply to students who drop out before the end of the training.

  • Webinars with a tutor

    These webinars/office hours consist of a 3 hour long consultation with a tutor and are held once per week for 10 months, including the exams sessions. This is where you can ask questions and clarifications, discuss the class material, and get to know your fellow students.

  • Retreats & Practicals

    The 15 day long retreat of 98 + hours at the end of each year is the time when you will put everything you have learnt into practice. At this time you will also learn a Qi Gong form, breathing exercises and simple, effective channel massage.

  • Private Forum

    This is a FB group 'Forum' where students in the same year /class can exchange information, help each other with complex topics and even arrange a class reunion for students living in the same area. One of our teacher will be also part of it to provide feed -back when required.

  • Clinical Practice

    During this time spent in one of AOM's affiliated centres, each student will be responsible to diagnose and treat 10 patients x 10 treatments each, supervised by one of AOM's teachers. Each student will also be active in helping 3 fellow students in the management of their patients. Overall each student will be actively engaged with 40 patients for a total of 400 hours. Alternatively where this is not possible either due to the location of the student or lack of voluntary patients, after the initial 10 x10 compulsory sessions under direct supervision, the student will have to submit 30 case studies x 10 treatments to the college and discuss them with one of our tutors. This is a pre-requisite for course completion The fee for this part of the course is £2.500. In addition, every student pays separately for travelling expenses, accommodation and meals during the training. AOM can help the students finding a communal shared accommodation in a rented flat.

  • Bibliography

    Students will be given a bibliography suitable to the level of competence they need to achieve. Although English is our common language, texts in other European languages can also be added, when required. Excerpts in Chinese from Classical texts will also be translated and discussed in class.

Undergraduate Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Online Course Overview

3 years + in a nutshell

These is a 3 year + long course. Each year includes:

  • 7 modules made of 20 pre-recorded about 1 hour long lessons each and 'end-of-module test'. These classes teach the core theoretical curriculum  of the full degree in Acupuncture (Total: 140 hours in the year)
  • 4  live 3 hour long webinars per week per 10 months. Here  one of AOM's teachers answers your questions and discusses with you possible issues arising from the training.  The webinars are run over a 10 month period, including the exam sessions after the 1st and 2nd semester, where students do not study new material,  but review to be ready for the exams. Total hours webinars per year: 132 
  • 2 week long  (98+ hours) end-of-the-year retreat  in a nice resort  in nature (normally in September) for practice.  
  • Private Forum Exclusive for each year's students. This is a great occasion to share insights, ask questions and make new friends. Some teachers will  also be in the Forum, in order to help when needed.
  • 400  contact hours at the end of the  third year are dedicated to clinical practice under supervision.

In a nutshell: 

  • Pre-recorded classes provide the theory, 
  • Webinars provide direct instructors' guidance  i.e. answer to students' Q&A,  
  • Retreat provides the optimal environment for practical training.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students should enrol sequentially starting from the 1st year.  In special occasions students are allowed to enrol in different year. In this case, please  do not automatically enrol, but contact us  beforehand.

Teaching hours of Acupuncture per year: 370, including tuition, weekly webinars and retreat.  

Total teaching hours of Acupuncture for the 3 Years: 1.113

Clinical training hours at the end of the 3rd year: 400  

Total course teaching hours: 1.513 

Students workload in hours: 3.026. These hours are devoted to  study, research, exams, assignment etc.). They are calculated according to a  ratio of  1 (contact hours) : 2 (workload hours). See Bologna guidelines.

Total hours  of training in Acupuncture: 4.539

Annual retreat - costs: The tuition fee for the retreat is covered by the yearly fee. However, the cost of travelling, food and lodging are not included.  

Western Medical Studies

Students who enrol in the course, but do not have a certified degree (MD, nurse, physiotherapist etc) in Biomedicine will follow an extra class of 270 hours attendance, where they will study Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Red Flags encountered in the clinic that require the immediate   intervention of  a MD.A list of online providers will be given to all students.

A First Aid Certificate is also compulsory and no degree will be given to any students who has not completed it with an approved body of their choice.  The hours spent following the course are added to the total hours (contact and workload).The fee for these classes is paid separately to the course provider. 

Monthly classes: Log in to view your first class at any time on or after 23/10/2024. The five lessons of the week are made available every Friday and, thereupon, are released every following day for 5 consecutive days.  

Webinars: log in on you assigned day to join your class and follow the webinar.  The link will be shared with all students the day of the webinar.

Webinars - Schedule (CET)

1st year: every Thursday  6:30 pm-9:30pm 

2nd year: every Tuesday 5:30pm-8:30pm 

3rd year: every  Thursday 3:30pm- 6:30pm 

1st Exams sessions: February 2024

2nd Exams session:  June-July 2024


First and second  year:  15/09- 30/09/2024

Third year: 1/10- 15/10/2024


Christmas 23/12– 8/01

Spring:  29/04 - 13/04/2024

Summer: 3/07/2024 – 09/10/2024 

We model our standards upon the suggestions of the main European Association for our profession

A glance into the tools of the art of acupuncture

Pulses diagnosis : the tool that reads the hidden

Pulse palpation is a compulsory investigative tool used within the logic of the four diagnostic pillar of chinese diangosis. Pulse taking tells not only the condition of each single organ (zangfu 臟腑), but also how each one of them interacts with the others go form a pathology. Knowing the 'mechanism of a pathology' allows the practioner to treat disease from its roots in a holistic, rather than in a symptomatic manner. What distinguishes Chinese Acupuncture from other forms of modern acupuncture is precisely that by working with the 'mechanism of pathologgy' underlying a disease, it becomes possible to treat more than one disease in a course of treatments (10 -12 sessions).


“I have been studying all my life, and besides my main degrees, I have taken many courses in a variety of subjects. In all these years of training, I have had many teachers, but I never met a teacher like Vita Revelli. I have only been in this course for a month, and the whole experience feels like the rebirth of me. Vita has the true gift of being able to transmit invaluable information that makes the whole learning process beautiful and almost majestic. I have just finished studying the first 20 lessons in the whole course (Module 1 - Year 1), a beautiful chapter that shows the fundamental conception of the world and the place of the human being occupies in it according to ancient Chinese phylosophy and cosmology. From these lessons, I have learnt to perceive the 'resonance' between the cosmos and the single human being, and have been able to gain a special gaze, a new to me vantage point, that invites me to look for 'Oneness' , rather than division, as this is the true basis of any life and all lives together. I am beginning to see how ultimately health has to do precisely with living this 'Onesess' and with how ultimately even movement and change don't do anything else but reaffirming it" ”

1st year student

Orestis Palladiou - BSc.Sports Science (UK), Master in human rights (UK), Post-grad.diploma London School of journalism - Lives in Cyprus

“This course is great, filled with important information which is difficult to come by and structured in a way which is easy to follow. Vita is a great teacher, with a wealth of knowledge. I have always found online learning difficult as, if there is no structure it is hard to keep motivation up. However, the structure of this course makes sure that you are constantly engaged. For anyone that wants an in depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine from start to finish, I highly recommend this course.”


Evaggelos Koumoudos – BSc - joint honours physics &philosophy ( UK), Msc accounting &finances (UK) - Lives in London (UK)

Fees & Discount Options

  • Given the financial strain Covid-19 has put on most people, AOM offers a 20% Discount, for each year of training if you enrol in the course. The fees per year are now: £3.500 instead of the original price of £4.200

  • To secure a spot, an enrolment fee of £300 should be paid by students selecting the pay-in-instalments option not later than 1 month before the starting of the course. The remainder of £3.200 will be divided into 10 equal instalments of £320 payable before the start of each module

  • A further 5% discount is available for students who pay for the whole year upfront, bringing the price down to £3,150. No enrolment fee is due for this option

  • We give a huge 30% discount to the students who purchase the whole three years course upfront. No enrolment fee is due for this option

  • Late enrolments are accepted up to 2 months after the start of the course. Please send us an email to arrange this

  • The fees for the clinical practice amount to £2.500. They cover 400 hours of hands-on supervised clinical with patients

  • Western Medicine Studies (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology) are compulsory for students without prior training in this subject. The fees for this course are paid separately. We rely on the online course provided by the Da Vinci Institute, Cyprus. Check their website at the following address: https://www.collegenaturalmedicine.com/product-category/biological-sciences/ (copy link and paste on your browser)

A glance into the practice of acupuncture


Cupping is a tool often used in acupuncture. It is indicated, for instance, in conditions of cold causing tight, fixed pain in any area of the body. In this case the cupping activates blood circulation, expells the cold pathogen and relieves pain. Cupping can also be used on many other clinical conditions.

Have any questions ?

We understand that choosing a serious course can feel like a huge commitment. If in doubt, do not enrol too lightly, but please schedule a call with us to ask any questions you might have and then decide whether it's right for you

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