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Vita Revelli 

  • Director of AOM
  • Director of the 'Chinese Medicine' -  undergraduate programme
  • Co-Director of the "Chinese Medicine' -  post-graduate programme

Portia Barnblatt 

  • Director of 'Clinical skills and practice of Chinese Medicine' - undergraduate programme

Iason Coriolano-Lykourezos

  •  Director of the 'Western Medical Science' undergraduate programme


VITA REVELLI : Lic. Ac., BSc(Acupuncture)-UK, Post-Grad. Acupuncture & TCM Gynaecology-CN,  BA(Hons) Chinese Language & Anthropology-UK, Hunyuan Medicine Graduate. Founder and C.E.O of AOM.

I am an Italian free spirit, a traveller and I am in love with life.  I am devoted to the path of learning and deeply convinced that learning is work-in-progress and it never ends. I teach Chinese Medicine, a medicine mainly concerned with understanding  the laws governing life and how they foster health. I studied Acupuncture with J.R Worsley at the 'Dao College of Acupuncture' (Leamington SPA - Warwickshire). J.R. was a magnificent teacher, a great healer and a passionate believer in the need to build a rapport with the patient in the clinic. After college, I went to China and studied two years at the "Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine"  and also did a  one year internship in TCM gynaecology at the "Sino-Japanese Hospital." Later, I was chosen to train under an amazing teacher, the taoist Dr. Pang Yiwu, who taught me the physiology of resonance. In China, I also studied Guo Lin Qigong, designed for the therapy of cancer patients, Ba Duan Jing and Heart Qigong. For over 30 years, China has been a second home to me: a place where I could always go to immerse myself in dusty old books  talking about life, how it works and how the whole universe resonates at the unison with a deep, unknown and unknowable void. Of all doctors of the past, my favourites are some of the most prominent doctors of the Ming Dynasty and especially Zhao Xiang Hui, Sun Yi Hui and Li Shi Zhen.  In 1992 I became acquainted with Liu Lihong’s teachings, which question modern TCM as a by-product of modernity paying lip service to western medicine.  This changed not only my understanding of Chinese Medicine, but also how I teach and practice it. I also hold a BSc(acupuncture) from Kingston University (CICM)-UK. 

I am a student of  Dr. Joe Dispenza and I am on a path of spiritual flow, of breaking away from habits and tapping into the field of infinite possibilities, to create my life and help others create theirs.

I have been teaching Chinese Medicine (theory as well as acupuncture, herbs and nutrition) since 1989, both as guest teacher at various European Schools of Chinese Medicine and as speaker at various professional congresses in Europe, the United States and China. I have published articles in prestigious professional magazines and translated part of books from Chinese to English. I write a lot and publish little, as I believe that, as a book's content  is likely to change as I change and deepen my understanding, the only book worth writing is the one that summarized a whole life experience. 

I owe all I know and have become as a person to the Chinese ancestors (doctors and sages) who have challenged me for several decades through their inspired writings and to all my teachers, colleagues and students. I  founded AOM in 1996 and have guided its growth ever since and  started this online course in 2018. I am thrilled to share the first steps of AOM online with a team of amazing, deeply humane and spiritual, superbly skilled, group of people who will be at my side as co-teachers on the online course.


I  earned my Master’s and Doctor’s Degrees in 'Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine' at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco,   I am specialized in Orthopaedics and Gynaecology and I have been practicing since 1996. 

I also   studied and worked at 'Shanghai TCM University' and 'Yue Yang TCM Hospital' in Shanghai. I am an expert of 'Auricular, Scalp & Abdominal Acupuncture', as well as 'Medical Essential Oil Therapy'. I became a disciple of Dr. Li-Chun Huang,   awarded he title of  'Grandmother of the Auricular Medicine'  by the 'World Auricular Medical Organization', in 1995, I have also studied with  Dr. Ming Qin Zhu, the expert of Scalp Acupuncture since 1996. In addition, I have  been the disciple of Professor Zhen Huai, the Master of Abdominal Acupuncture. 

In the mid-2000, I practiced as a 'Research Acupuncturist for Post Open-Heart Surgery patients at UCSF'. From 2010-2011, I served as  Clinical Professor at ACTCM and Clinical Supervisor for the Stroke Rehabilitation Centre at Davis Campus of CPMC. From 2012 to 2015, I served as a Chief Acupuncture Doctor at 'East-West Health Centre of Chinese Hospital' in San Francisco. 

I have translated three medical books on Chinese Medicine from Chinese to English for 'People’s Medical Publishing House' in Beijing and 'Shanghai TCM University' and I am   currently working on translating another book on 'TCM Case Study' written by  an experienced Chinese TCM scholar in England. 

I have been given an 'Honorary Award' by San Francisco's Mayor, Gavin Newsom, for serving the community since 1997. 

I have done many volunteering services in the U.S. and worldwide for veterans, refugee camps and various Buddhist temples. I am a member of the organization  'Acupuncturists Without Borders'. In 2017,  I have  joined the organization  volunteering at the Palestinian refugee camp in Israel. 

I am   fluent in English, Chinese and have  working knowledge of French.

IASON CORIOLANO-LYKOUREZOS: BSc(Hons)-Physics, MA-Underwater Archaeology & Oceanography, MD-Medicine, ARCS.

I graduated  in Medicine in 2004 and completed my medical internship in 2006.

My interest in complementary therapeutic systems took me on a windy road that lead me to  search this field further. After studying ‘Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology’ with Paul Chek,  I then continued my search, which lead me  to  study ‘Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)’, ‘Craniosacral Therapy’, as well as  ‘Posture Analysis and Assessment’. I am a certified  'First-aid' instructor  from  "Rescue international' 

After attending a seminar in ‘Abdominal Acupuncture’,  I decided to further my knowledge in acupuncture and embarked on a 3½-year course in Chinese Medicine at AOM (Art of Oriental Medicine) in Athens, Greece. While at AOM, I learned the application of acupuncture through different approaches: Classical Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements and TCM.  At AOM I also completed 5 months of supervised clinical practice. 

As course director of Western Medical Sciences at the Academy of Oriental Medicine (former Art of Oriental Medicine), I  have developed courses in Anatomy & Physiology, as well as Pathology & Disease for acupuncturists that include  practical sessions on surface anatomy  and safe anatomical needling as it relates to Acupuncture.

I currently teach Western Medical Sciences and First Aid at the Academy of Oriental Medicine.

I live in Greece, enjoy the outdoor life and rock climbing, playing the guitar and sleight of hand magic.