• What is the difference between AOM and other similar schools?

    AOM is catering for all those people who believe that there is more to Chinese Medicine than just dealing with a patient’s symptom. We are looking for people interested in helping their patients to change their life, their thoughts, emotions and lifestyle.

  • Will I be able to practice in my country when I finally graduate?

    In the European Union, although the Rome agreement amongst Member States vouches for the mobility of people and their ability to continue their activity in another country, some Member States have regulations in place which allow only MDs to practice Acupuncture. In some of these countries, however, the Inland Revenue has a tax code for non-medical acupuncturist, which could allow some room for negotiations.

  • What are the previous studies required for accessing AOM?

    AOM is open to all people who have a Secondary School education that allows them to enter University.

  • I am interested in working with cancer patients. Will AOM teach me this?

    CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) practitioners are not allowed to make any claims with regards to treating cancer, diabetes, HIV and autoimmune diseases. They are, however, allowed to treat pain or to help the general state of well being of any patient. In countries where a cooperation with the patient’s doctor is possible, you are advised to always consult with him/her in order to find a point of cooperation.

  • I have read about the retreat where we will learn the practical side of this art. Could I come with my family? Would I have time to spend with them?

    Yes! The retreat is organised in such a way to allow free time.

  • How many class hours are there in the retreat?

    Every day involves 7 full hours of learning, besides meditation and Qigong. We aim at making the retreat a pleasant time of sharing and bonding.

  • Will I be learning the curriculum proposed by the main Associations worldwide?

    Yes. Besides teaching ancient and classical approaches to Chinese Medicine, AOM ensures that the core curriculum required by all Association is fully covered.

  • How do we do clinical practice with real patients?

    Clinical practice with real patient involves taking responsibility for 10 personal patients for 10 treatments (100hrs) and contributing actively to the treatment of another 30 patients seen by a fellow students (300hrs) under supervision.

  • Will we have a students forum?

    Yes, you will have FB forum where only AOM students are allowed. The Forum is a place where students can get to know each other and help each other with questions concerning the course. A member of staff will monitor it and will help when needed.

  • What's the availability of courses?

    AOM International does its best to ensure that all courses are made available every year. A course runs when between 6 to 15 students enrolled in it.

  • What is the number of students per class?

    In order to facilitate the bonding amongst the students and make sure that the members of the staff can get to know each student individually, our classes never exceed 15 students Courses with less than 6 students are not held.

  • Will receive a certification?

    A diploma will certify the student's achievement at the end of the course. The diploma is accompanied by a detailed description of the student's curriculum and the final assessment, including the ability of taking responsibility of patients. No diploma can be given before the end of the whole course. Should students decide to discontinue or to continue their education elsewhere, an interim accompanying certificate that specifies the syllabus covered, progress made, number of contact hours, marks received and evaluation is given.

  • Can students with prior training join?

    Yes, students with prior training can join. However, they will need to forward to AOM a ful certification of previous studies with syllabus&curriculum covered, number of contact hours and pass mark.

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