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AOM is a school of Chinese Medicine founded in 1996 by Vita Revelli Lic.Ac (UK), Post-Grad. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (China), Post-grad. TCM Gynaecology (China), BA(Hons) Chinese language and social anthropology (UK), BSc(AC) - Acupuncture (UK), Chinese Medicine practitioner for over 35 years, international lecturer and  public speaker.


* The first objective of AOM online is that of training ‘therapists’ of Chinese Medicine and not needles or herbs manipulators. In these three years and two months long course (build in accordance with the Bologna guidelines for higher education in Europe) we focus on Chinese self-cultivation seen as the ideal tool to teach students how to embrace their true self (xing性), by understand the deep meaning of their life.  By detecting early the foundation of 'dis-eases’ they can learn and teach their patients how to prevent illness. The “Huangdi Neijing-Sowen” the most authoritative text of  Chinese medicine, Ch.1, calls people to do just that in order to be healthy and become sages.

* The second objective of AOM online is that of teaching our students modern TCM through the lenses of the classics. In this way, as they understand the physiology of life based on concepts like, “Heaven and humans are one, 天人和一” and “Humans comply with Earth, Earth with Heaven and Heaven with Dao, and Dao’s way is spontaneity - 人法 地, 地法天, 天法道, 道 法 自然”, their gaze shifts from a Chinese Medicine of dis-ease to a Chinese Medicine of life. When these concepts are clear and applied to daily life, the main questions of our students becomes:

“How to guide the patients to re-establish Dao’s spontaneity in their life and thus fight disease?”

As for the tools of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Tuina, Qigong etc. they should be seen as ‘instruments’ used to accomplish the 'task of restoring health'. 

An analogy......Painters use paint and brushes, yet no painter is like another: their understanding of their endeavour, their ability to feel the grain of the canvas and their sensitivity to how light impacts on the surface and the colour differs. Likewise, two acupuncturists are not alike, even though they use the same tools. What makes the difference? The depth of their questioning, the clarity of where one needs to go (and how) past the appearance of things, in order to see what truly needs to be healed as well as inner freedom from restrictive thoughts and emotions!