Introduction to Year 2

Year 2 introduces the students to how a disease is formed and what , starting from a given pathogen ( or a multiplicity of pathogens) a whole pathological mechanism ensues leading to a disruption in the relationship amongst Zang Fu organs, Qi, Jing, Shen, Blood and fluids, the physiology of the channels and, ultimately the balance between Yin Yang. Students will learn the tools of diagnosis including the reading of pulses and tongue, the syndromes according to various areas and mechanisms afflicted (i.e. 'Zang Fu organs', 'Cold induced Syndromes', 'Wei, Qi, Blood and Ying' hot diseases and many more. At the end, the clinical pathologies of the digestive, urinary, respiratory and gynaecological system are also analized in detail. The retreat will add the practical training needed to make all student able both to diangose and design the appropriate treatment

Description of Year 2

Expected outcome: by the end of this 2nd year all students will have become familiar with the ways in which a diseases devolves, the clusters of symptoms and signs that help identifying its 'nature' and the principles of treatment  that should be applied to resolve it.  In addition, all students will be able to select the appropriate meridians and the acupuncture points according to the criteria  set by Chinese Medicine. 

    As all other years, this year is made or 7  x 20 hours modules (258 hours), weekly webinars  x 10 months  (120 hours) and the end of the year retreat (98+ hours). 

    This year we shall tackle the issue of how a disease is formed by looking into the condition that made it possible in the first place. After establishing this, we shall look into the mechanisms of pathology, specific diseases and  the symptoms and signs clusters called syndromes in which the symptom is located. We will learn how to diagnose (including pulse diagnosis) and finally will learn how to select the channels and points to treat. 

    By the end of this year, the meaning of  'Chinese medicine holism’  will become clear and students will learn to apply it to clinical cases. 

    We shall also study the digestive, urinary, respiratory and gynaecological systems and prove once more how any attempt of organisation according to 'symptoms' collapses when we look from a ‘holistic gaze’.

    The retreat will provide time for practising diagnosis (including pulse and tongues), marking once again the main points and learning their clinical and energetic applications.  Qigong and meditation will be an essential part of it.

Total contact hours of Chinese Medicine – Year 2

258 hours tuition, weekly webinars and retreat.   

These hours do not include Western Medicine Studiies, which amount to 90 hours per year in addition to the hours dedicated to Chinese Medicine= acupuncture. This course is paid separately. 

2nd Year Syllabus & Curriculum

Module 1 

Aetiology: external, internal, neither internal nor external, stagnation of blood, damp-phlegm and stones.

Module 2

Mechanisms of pathology: how does an imbalance set in? What are its possible mechanism. How does each pathogen affect the body (i.e. cold by contracting)? How do internal pathological climates form? How can the Zangfu, liquids, blood, etc be disrupted?  In addition it will examine the mechanisms of pathology  according to the Shang Han Lun, the Re Bing Lun, The San Jiao, the channels and the collaterals.

Module 3

Syndromes: zangfu, qi, blood, shen, blood, liquids, shang han, re bing, san jiao, channels and collaterals. 

Module 4

Diangosis: the 4 diangostic perspectives -  observatoin, auscultation, appreciating odours, palpation. Interview : questions and how to take clues. Open and closed questions. Psychology of relating and creating a rapport.  

Module 5

The eight coordinates/principles: yin -yang,  internal -external,  deficient-excess, cold-hot.  Diangosis according to the eight coordinates/principles and their use in organising a case history.  Organisation of a case history according to multiple observation points (five phases/elements, zangfu,  6 Qi, 4 levels, san jiao, channels and collaterals.  How to coordinate them all into a whole?

Module 6

Clinical pathology: respiratory, digestive, urinary pathologies.

Module 7

Clinical pathology: gynaecological pathologies.

Social proof: testimonials

“Year one was a beautiful journey, I thought hard to beat. I was wrong! Year 2 in AOM was just as good, if not better. In Year 2, whatever I had learned in the 1st Year, finds a natural continuation, a natural flow that leads to seeing how a disease comes about as a disruption of physiology. Aetiology, Mechanisms of Pathology, Diagnosis, Syndromes, organisation of a patient's case throught the 'Eight Principles' and Clinical Pathology are just some of the sujects we have worked on. They were all explained with clarity and depth. In this 2nd year, we have also identified the functions of acupuncture points and the ways of combining them in a wide range of clinical situation i.e. the digestive, respiratory, urinary and gynecological systems. My favourite part of this year, however, has been taking our first 'Case Studies', where all theoretical notions have come together wonderfully. I can now see how I can help people through acupuncture, even though i still have to complete the 3rd year and the Clinical Practice. ”

2nd year student

Orestis Palladiou - BSc Sports Science and Pyschology (UK), Master in Human Rights ((UK), Postgraduate Diploma - London School of Journalism (UK) - LIves in Cyprus

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  • Given the financial strain Covid-19 has put on most people, AOM offers a 20% Discount, for each year of training if you enrol in the course starting on 22nd of October 2020. The fees per year are now: £3.500 instead of the original price of £4.200

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  • The fees for the clinical practice are of £2.500. They cover 400 hours of hands-on supervised clinical with patients

  • Western Medicine Studies are compulsory for students without prior training in this subject. The fees for this course are paid separately

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