Acupuncture Online - Year 1

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If you want to use your free time to develop a new skill, learn how to help others and change your carrier, but

  • cannot afford the costs of travelling to the college of your choice
  • cannot spend the extra cash needed for hotels and restaurant 
  • work full time and cannot afford to be tided down by fixed class hours
  • would like to listen to a class whilst driving to work, sipping your coffee in the comfort of your home, when you wake up in the morning or in the evening before going to rest
  • ...and still feel that you are part of a community of colleagues and new friends 

This course is for you!!!


Responsible and  CEO

Vita Revelli 

International lecturer, practitioner and author. Practicing and teaching for over 35 years.

  • Lic.Ac "Five Elements Acupuncture" - UK  
  • POST -GRAD  - TCM Gynaecology and Chinese Herbal  Medicine   CHINA 
  • B.Sc(Acu) - UK   
  • Certified practitioner "Hunyuan Institute Certificate" - USA
  • BA(Hons) Chinese Language and Anthropology - UK  

Other members of staff

Iason Coriolano- Lykourezos - Director  of "Western Medical Science' programme

Marco Maria Visconti - Director of "Post- graduate  Studies' 

Portia Barnblatt - Director of " Clinical studies"




This bundle contains  the 10 monthly modules of 20 lessons each that form the core teachings  of the full degree in Acupuncture. The degree also includes 4 x 3hours weekly webinars and a 15 days (80hours) long end of the year retreat ( normally in September). The course also has a private Forum where all the students are groups according to their year. The Forum is a great occasion to share insights, ask questions and make new friends. Teachers will be in the Forum as well in order to help when needed. The  pre-recorded classes provide the theory, the webinars deal with Q&A under the teachers'  direct guidance and  the retreat provides the necessary environment for practical training.   


The  ETCMA (European  Traditional Chinese Medicine Association) suggest that all college leavers should comply with the minimum educational standards  below:

 Length :  3 years 

Hours and syllabi, as follows


Given the above minimum required standards. AOM does much more both in terms of hours and syllabus.

FIRST YEAR - THE 7 MODULES -  283 hours attendance

Below are the titles of the 10 modules of the 1st year. Each module is a prerequisite for the next one.  Each module lasts one month. 

Starting date: 04/11/2018

Module 1 Human life and the physiology of resonance : children of the unknown. Ancient foundation concepts of Chinese Medicine (Dao 道, wuji 無極, the void, taiji太極 yinyang 陰陽, the four images 四象, the six qi 六氣, the five phases, from oneness to duality and back to oneness,  the main Yijing trigrams of life. The question of language
Module 2Human life and the physiology of resonance:  the birth of the human being. Heaven Principle 天理in human life: the life line Heaven Earth, Six Confirmations and Five Elements, the Yijing trigrams in human life. Before heaven and post Heaven
Module 3Human life and the physiology of resonance: the Five Phases - Elements. The organs' network.
Module 4Human life and the physiology of resonance:  heavenly treasures (Qi, Jing, Shen)  & earthly substance, blood and body fluids
Module 5Human life and the physiology of resonance:  Assessing health : the four diagnostic tools of Chinese Medicine: to observe, to smell/hear, to enquire, to touch. How to recognize  a healthy person?
Module 6Human life and the physiology of resonance:   What can go wrong? Pathological mechanisms.
Module 7 An outline of meridians & collaterals: the pathways of life

A WORD ABOUT THE RETREAT -72 hours attendance

The first year year's  15 day long retreat focuses on putting into practice all that has been learnt during the year: 

  1. practicing the art of connecting with nature and with void-origins
  2. qigong  internal alchemy
  3. void meditation 
  4. the five elements as tools of personal and social growth 
  5. the 6 qi as a way to maintain resonance
  6. relating to our organ network and meridians' physiology

In addition, students will learn: 

1. the (internal, external, connecting, muscle and minute  channels/meridians as well as the divergent and extraordinary channel/meridians.

2. healthy pulses and tongue, the foundation of Chinese Medicine's diagnoses. 

WESTERN MEDICAL STUDIES - 135 hours attendance

Western medical studies are an essential part of the course and cover 270 hours total, divided into 135 hours attendance per year, including the First Aid diploma. This course is paid separately from the Chinese Medicine course. 


By the end of the 1st years each student will  

  1. have a thorough understanding of the physiological functions of the healthy organism according to  Chinese Medicine 
  2. be able to  see the signs of health and illness (by exclusion)
  3. know the channels/meridians's pathways
  4.  understand the mechanism that can disrupt  resonance and the fine harmony of yin yang


After the  retreat at the end of the year, there will be also a final exam. This is  both a 'diagnostic' tool for AOM to assess the  student's knowledge and understanding and a way to  refine the student' s learning experience.


Students are strongly advised to be active in the private Forum in FB, where they can exchange information with the rest of the class and where the teachers will also offer feed-back when needed.


Beta release for 2019-2020 :  Save € 2.500, pay only € 3.500 +VAT.  The full price of the course is  € 6000 + VAT per year. However, for the year 2019-2020, we run a beta-release course for €3.500 + VAT. This fee will be kept for the whole length of the degree.  To enjoy the discount,  enrol by 30th of September. 

Western medical studies are compulsory (for people without a previous training in Western Medicine). The additional fee is of   900€ + VAT per year per 2 years.

The number of students per class is  kept deliberately small  (10 students max. per class) in order to give goos quality time to all students.  good small. 



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