Introduction to Year 1

Chinese Medical theory starts from the understanding that the human being and nature are one. They share the same rhythms (seasonal, day and night, the procession of the stars in the night sky, and more) in a continuous state of resonance. Year 1 will guide you to understanding how this foundamental concept works in human physiology, how a healthy lifestyle yshould follow the rhythms of nature and, even, how emotions respoond to seasonal variations and the daily webbing and waxing of Qi (energy). The througuh understanding of human physiology from the viewpoint of energetics will allow you to be ready to also enter your second year of training with an understanding of how ilness should be investigated from the perspective of it being the outcome of the disruption of this original state of physiological resonance and equilibrium .

Description of Year 1

Expected outcome: by the end of the year students will have a sound grasp of Chinese Medicine's physiology (body, mind, emotions and psyche) and will be able to make personal choice and give advice on lifestyle and emotional health.

⦁ This year comprises  7  x 20  hours modules + end of the module text (140 hours)  + 3 hour long weekly webinars  x 10 months (120 hours)  and 15 days (98+ hours)  end of the year retreat. 

⦁ During this year the students will learn the key  physiological concepts upon which the whole medical corpus of Chinese Medicine is founded and will learn to apply them to their personal life, thus learning to adopt  a lifestyle more in tune with the Chinese concept of 'resonance' and 'natura' rhythms'. During this years the students will also learn the 12 main meridians, internal and external patwhays, the luo-connecting meridians, the muscle meridians, the diveregent meridians the skin areas and the * extraordinary meridians linked to a persons 'blueprint' and 'destiny'

⦁By the end of this year, the meaning of  'Chinese medicine holism’  will become clear and students will be able to understand the physiology of the body/mind/emotions and psyche  and who everything wrkds together in oneness.  Ultimately, all students will learn how to support life and promote health.

⦁The retreat will provide time for feeling the meridians, marking the acupuncture points on each other,  reading a healhty pulse and a healthy tongue. At this stage they will also become familiar with Moxa, Cupping and Needling, quality of needles and logic of needle manipulation.   Qigong and meditation will be an essential part of it.

Total contact hours of Chinese Medicine – Year 1

258 hours including tuition, weekly webinars and retreat.  

These hours do not include Western Medicine Studiies, which amount to 90 hours per year in addition to the hours dedicated to Chinese Medicine. 

A Word About The Whole Course

The ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association) suggest that all college leavers should comply with the minimum educational standards outlined below (click on the link) 

AOM proposes a programme which requires more hours of  theory and practice as well as  more in-depth theory.

Practice:  in the three years, all our students attend more than 700 practice hours out of which 300 are done at our end-of-the-year retreats in the first 3 years of training,  and 400  are done during the clinical practice at the end of the 3rd year.

Theory : in the three years all our students attend 774 hours of  theoretical Chinese Medicine training, which includes the full TCM approach to acupuncture  agreed as the necessary foundation for further studies worldwide as well as the classical approach to acupuncture, which in facts, not only explains TCM, but gives more depth and understanding in the clinical  settings. 

1st Year Syllabus & Curriculum

Module 1 

Human life and the physiology of resonance : children of the unknown. Ancient foundation concepts of Chinese Medicine (Dao 道, wuji 無極, the void, taiji太極 yinyang 陰陽, the four images 四象, the six qi 六氣, the five phases 五行, from oneness to duality and back to oneness (cfr Li Lihong),  the main Yijing trigrams,  the question of language and translation.

Module 2

Human life and the physiology of resonance:  the birth of the human being. Heaven Principle 天理in human life: the life line Heaven Earth天地, Six Confirmations 六氣 and Five Elements 五行, the Yijing  易經 trigrams in human life. Before heaven and post Heaven.

Module 3

Human life and the physiology of resonance: the Five Phases - Elements 五行. The organs' network theory 藏象.

Module 4

Human life and the physiology of resonance:  heavenly treasures (Qi, Jing, Shen - 氣精神)  & earthly substance, blood- xue 血 and body fluids 津液.

Module 5

Channels and collaterals: Yin  & Yang channels of the hands - narrative, inner and outer pathways, points, name of the points (analysis), qualities, functions of the main points.

Module 6

Channels and collaterals: Yin channels of the foot - narrative, inner and outer pathways, points, name of the points (analysis), qualities, functions of the main points.  Yang Channels of the foot (part 1) -  inner and outer trajectory, points, name of the points (analysis), qualities, functions of the main points.

Module 7

Channels and collaterals: Yang channels of the foot (part2) - narrative, inner and outer trajectory, points, name of the points (analysis), qualities, functions of the main points. The Eight extraordinary channels, pathway, function and narrative.

Fees & Discount Options

  • Given the financial strain Covid-19 has put on most people, AOM offers a 20% Discount for each year of training if you enrol in the course starting on 22/10/2020. The fees per year are thus discounted from the original price of £4.200 to £ 3.500.

  • To secure a spot, an enrolment fee of £300 should be paid by students selecting the pay-in-instalments option not later than 1 month before the starting of the course on the 22/10/2020. The remainder of £3.200 will be divided into 10 equal instalments of £320 payable before the start of each monthly module

  • A further 5% Discount is available for students who pay for the whole year upfront at least one month before the start of the course on 22/10/2020. This brings the price down to £3,150. Be advised that you will not be able to access the course before this date, regardless of when you make you payment. No enrolment fee is due for this option

  • We give a huge 30% Discount to the students who purchase the whole three years course upfront at least one month before the start of the course on 22/10/2020. Be advised that you will not be able to access the course before its starting date, regarless of when you paid your fees. No enrolment fee is due for this option

  • Late enrolments are accepted up to 2 months after the start of the course on the 22/10/2020. Please send us an email to arrange this.

  • The fees for the clinical practice are of £2.500. They cover 400 hours of hands-on supervised clinical with patients

  • Western Medicine Studies are compulsory for students without prior training in this subject. The fees for this course are paid separately

Pricing options & Discounts

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Curriculum & Syllabus Director

VITA REVELLI : Lic.Ac.,UK.   BSc(ACU), UK    Post- Grad. Acupuncture & TCM Gynaecology, CHINA.  BA(Hons) Chinese Language & Anthropology, UK.I am a free spirit, a traveller and someone devoted to the path of learning. I am deeply convinced that learning is a work in progress without end. I love life and because I am in love with life I teach ancient Chinese medicine, a medicine mainly concerned with understanding the laws governing life and how to foster its quality.I have been teaching Chinese Medicine (theory as well as acupuncture and herbs) since 1989, both as guest teacher in some European Schools of Chinese Medicine and as speaker at various professional congresses in Europe, the United States and China.I have articles published in prestigious professional magazines and have translated part of books from Chinese into English. I write a lot and publish little as I believe that writing a book is a learning in progress, whose content changes as I change and deepen my understanding.I founded AOM in 1995 and have guided its growth ever since.  I am joyful and grateful because I have been very fortunate to share my path with beautiful people who have now become skilful therapists and, some of them, teachers in AOM.I am thrilled to share AOM online with a team of amazing, deeply humane, spiritual and superbly skilled people who will be at my side as co-teachers.Read more...

Vita Revelli

Teacher of Chinese Medicine, practitioner, author and international lecturer


“Having just completed the first year of the online AOM course for Chinese Medicine, I can say that it has been one of the most eye-opening, fulfilling and rich courses I have had. The reasons I chose this course were mainly three: it adheres to the high educational standards set by the main European Professional Organizations, it provides in-depth knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine serving as the basis of understanding of more modern approaches, and most it importantly it aims at cultivating the therapist. During this first year, the course has delivered on all the above. Undeniably, and as a result, I have experienced a profound change in the way I think about and understand the world, nature, human physiology and my own self. The retreat at the end of year came to complement all the learnings during the course, and more. We delved not only into the locations of the points but also the narratives of the channels thus gaining a true understanding of the significance and role of each channel in the human being. We were also introduced to the magic of Qigong as a daily practice, a valuable tool I took home with me. But what probably made the experience even more rich and memorable, was our teacher’s (Vita Revelli) keen eye of human condition and dedication to self-cultivation that helped all of us grow. Looking forward to what I am sure will be a full and exciting second year.”